The Rad Raygun Team

Chris Bryant - Code Monkey

Video games are the very thing that got me into programming. Ever since the days of the NES and GameBoy, I knew that developing games is something I wanted to do. Classic games, such as Super Mario Bros and MegaMan, have been a huge inspiration in my career. Everything about these games just *WORK* - the graphics, the sounds, and the gameplay are so elegantly constructed that it seems effortless. For me, Rad Raygun is an homage to this era of gaming.



Chris Hernandez - Creative Genius/Brilliant Artist

Chris Hernandez is a graphic designer living in Brooklyn. He often forgoes the pleasures and temptations of the big city to sit in a small, expensive bedroom and work on the art, design, story, and animation for Rad Raygun. It seems like he should have stayed in Dallas to do that, when you think about it, but he really loves living in New York, so it’s all good. I heard he would totally love to stop being an art director at his interactive ad agency, and instead work for a real live game development studio (if you have one).



FantomenK - 8-bit Sound God

I’ve got too much love for the retro era and its games to ignore the opportunity to be a part of a refreshing revival of the sprites, like Rad Raygun. And, since I aimlessly make music everyday, I might as well do it for something I find cool!

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