Rad Raygun Saves the 1980s!

Dallas, TX - February 19, 2013 - It is the year 198X. Big hair is hot, and the war with the Soviets is colder than a refreshing glass of New Coke. RAD RAYGUN must travel the world fighting communist robots, and save the 1980′s by shooting his way through 5 decade spanning levels. Ultra sharp 144p resolution graphics and 4 unique shades of monochrome off-green bring Rad Raygun to life, as only 80′s mobile technology can.

Chris Bryant, a Software Engineer, and Chris Hernandez, an Art Director, have developed a 2D action/adventure game for Xbox Live Indie Games that is a blast from the past! Fueled by their love of retro gaming, these two have painstakingly dedicated their nights and weekends to Rad Raygun for the past two years.

Fans of such classics as Mega Man and Super Mario Bros. will feel right at home as they help Rad defend the White House, knock down the Berlin Wall, and survive the radioactive depths of Chernobyl. Simple, jump and shoot gameplay? Check. Big, pixelated graphics? Of course. An original chiptuney soundtrack by FantomenK? You betcha!

Rad Raygun is available now on Xbox Live Indie Games for 80 Microsoft Points. That’s only a dollar, folks, give it a shot!

Chris Bryant
[email protected]
Website: http://www.radraygun.com
Twitter: @trufun202