It’s 198X, and only Rad Raygun can stop the evil Communist empire from taking over the world! Take control of the first ever portable fighting robot, and travel across the globe to protect America’s interests, spread democracy, and free the markets! What’s better, you’ll be doing all of this as only an 8-bit action hero can; by shooting a bunch of Communist robots and running to the right! Along the way you’ll find new weapons and upgrades to Rad’s abilities, meet new friends, encounter (considerably more) enemies, and see famous world landmarks rendered in glorious Low-Definiton 144p 4-shade monochrome graphics! You haven’t seen a game that looked like this since you got a handheld device with a color screen! Featuring a soundtrack by the astonishingly underappreciated FantomenK.

  • Classic 2D platformer gameplay
  • 5 unique levels based extremely loosely on real world locations
  • 4 vibrant, green-tinged colors
  • 3 main weapons, with upgrades and extra abilities hidden throughout the game
  • More than 15 instances of jokes, satire, and pop culture references!
  • Support the Xbox Indie Game Marketplace, get indie gamer cred!
  • Super low res, hand animated artisinal pixel art from Brooklyn
  • Did we mention the insanely awesome soundtrack from FantomenK?
  • Will probably have some bad words! Edgy!
  • Seriously, go listen to some FantomenK
  • Over 10 exciting bullet points worth of features!

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