Welcome to RadRaygun.com

Hello website visitor! Welcome to Rad Raygun’s home on the internet. Rad can’t talk right now, because he’s still under development, but he would definitely want to say thanks for checking out our game. Rad Raygun is a 2D platformer that takes it’s visual (and thematic, in a way) inspiration from the graphics of the original GameBoy, and it’s been awesome to stretch ourselves to work within those limitations. We’re a two person team hoping to get this thing done by the end of the year, and we’ve been squeezing in an hour or ten whenever we have a free night or weekend to work on it. We also have a kick-ass soundtrack from FantomenK, who is an amazing chiptune artist that deserves to be a household name. Here, bookmark our site, and then check out some of his tracks.

Anyway, we’re planning on releasing on the Xbox Live Indie Game marketplace, and hopefully finding a way to put out a PC version at some point as well, complete with our level editing tool. We’ll use this site to keep you guys up to date as much as possible, or at least entertained if we don’t have anything significant to show. Thanks for checking us out!

- Chris H (Art chris) and Chris B (code chris)

Enemy Profile - Shotgunner


These soldiers will never give up an inch of ground to an enemy, and will stoically stay at their post no matter what. Unfortunately, this is not the best strategy for an assault force, but their flurries of bullets coupled with their toughness make them a formidable foe, as long as nobody just runs past them. They are grim, joyless, and rarely invited to parties.

Enemy Profile - Infantry Goomba


As a young, idealistic party member, these young robots have volunteered to lead the first wave of the attack on America. They are brave, loyal, and well trained. Unfortunately, they are also incredibly stupid, and will mostly just walk back and forth firing occasionally if they see an enemy. Their commanders will often lead groups of them back and forth along platforms, but this combat tactic has so far left Soviet leaders unimpressed.